Field Mapping

Controls how Sitecore field are mapped to a property.


public class MyModel

    public virtual string MyField { get; set; }



var sitecoreType = new SitecoreType<MyModel>();
sitecoreType.Field(x => x.MyField);


Name Type Description
FieldName string The name of the Sitecore field to import.
FieldId string The ID of the filed to import.If the field ID and name are specified then the field ID is used.
Setting SitecoreFieldSettings Used to control how field data is mapped.
MediaUrlOptions SitecoreMediaUrlOptions Controls how media URLs are generated when mapping Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Image properties.
UrlOptions SitecoreUrlOptions ontrols how URLs are generated when mapping Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Link properties.

Support .NET Types

The following types are support when mapping Sitecore fields:

  • Bool
  • DateTime
  • Decimal
  • Dictionary
  • Double
  • Enums
  • File
  • Float
  • Guid
  • Sitecore.Data.ID
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Image
  • Glass.Mapper.Sc.Fields.Link
  • Integer
  • Sitecore.Data.Items.Item
  • Long
  • NameValueCollection
  • Nullable Enums
  • Nullables
  • Sitecore.Rules.RulesList
  • System.Io.Stream (blobs)
  • String
  • Other Glass models.

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