We think Glass.Mapper is awesome and that everyone should be using it, but don't take our word for read the testimonials below from some of the most influential people in the community.

The only true ORM for Sitecore - cleanly decouples the Sitecore API from your code by hydrating simple POCOs thus making your code unit testable. No other frameworks which purport to be ORMs can offer this.

Michael Reynolds Mike Reynolds Sitecore MVP

Glass Mapper removes many barriers when developing with a high performance CMS solution. It is easily the best product I have seen for both its flexibility and ease in which your team can deliver testable code.

Nathanael Mann Nathanael Mann Sitecore MVP

We chose Glass as our ‘Sitecore ORM’ for Active Commerce because it introduced no dependencies on our domain model, allowing for freedom of domain design and easy unit testing. Highly recommended for all Sitecore developers!

Nick Wesselman Nick Wesselman CTO, Active Commerce

Glass Mapper is the way to go when choosing a Sitecore ORM. Not only it is easy to use, flexible and well integrated with Code Generation, but it also cuts development time in half.

Nikola Gotsev Nikola Gotsev Sitecore MVP

We love Glass, it's powerful without being too complicated and it really helps us to standardise the way our developers approach a Sitecore build. I would highly recommend it to any developer planning a large Sitecore implementation.

Owen Niblock Owen Niblock Director, Kumquat Computing

I've used Glass in nearly every project in the past three years because it increases productivity, readability and maintainability of your Sitecore solution. Nothing else even comes close to Glass' potential.

Ruud van Falier Sitecore MVP

Glass Mapper is a must-have for every Sitecore solution. It's easy to implement, intuitive to use, and flexible to extend. Using Glass we are able to write clean, testable code efficiently and effectively.

Sean Holmesby Sean Holmesby Sitecore MVP