Installing Glass.Mapper.Sc

Installing Glass.Mapper.Sc

Before install Glass.Mapper.Sc you need to reference the following assemblies in your project:

  • Sitecore.Kernel.dll
  • System.Web.Mvc.dll

Both these files can be found in the bin folder of your Sitecore solution. These assemblies are used to determine which version of the Glass.Mapper assemblies should be referenced. 

Once you have added the references above to your project you can download Glass.Mapper.Sc from Nuget. Open the Nuget Package Manager and search for Glass.Mapper.Sc:

Glass.Mapper.Sc V4 Nuget Package in Package Manager

The Nuget package will add references to the Glass.Mapper.dll, Glass.Mapper.Sc.dllGlass.Mapper.Sc.Mvc.dll and Castle.Core.dll:

V4 Reference add to Project

The Nuget package also install some additional CS files and config files:

Glass.Mapper.Sc V4 Files added to Project

You are now ready to start working with Glass.Mapper. Tutorial 2 will show you how to create your first model.