Glass.Mapper.Sc is the a free open source ORM for the Sitecore platform. The framework allows you to create a full object model of your Sitecore solution that is both strongly typed and testable.

If you haven't tried Glass.Mapper.Sc yet we recommend you read the basic getting started tutorials and give it a try and you will see how quickly you can get working with the framework. 

The Glass.Mapper.Sc framework is easy to get started with and has many powerful features and our training course is an excellent way to get up to speed quickly with the framework and make the most out of it's usage. 

Our training course will start with the basic and then move on to how you can use the framework to save/load information, work with the page editor, develop custom mappings and more. 

This course is not a replacement for the standard Sitecore training course and attendees are expected to have either attended the Sitecore Developer training course or have at least 6 months of Sitecore development experience.

For more information on what you will learn on the course see visit the Course Outline page.