Below you will find an outline of the Glass.Mapper.Sc training course. The course is over 2 days and is a combination of demonstration and instructor supported practical exercises. The modules for the course are:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Basics
  3. Configuration
  4. Working with Web Forms
  5. Working with MVC
  6. Page Editor
  7. Looking at the Service
  8. Extending
  9. Testing
  10. Certification

You can find out more about each module below:


The course starts by discussing what Glass.Mapper is and why you should use it when developing you Sitecore solution. We explain the aim of using an object relational mapper and compare wrapping frameworks to mapping frameworks with the pro's and con's of each. We also look at each of the projects supplied by Glass.Mapper and some of the frameworks it depends upon.

The Basics

In the basics we will show you how to download Glass.Mapper.Sc and create a "Hello World" application using Glass.Mapper.Sc. The hands on exercises will allow you to see how easy it is to pull data from Sitecore using strongly typed objects and Glass.Mapper.Sc. We then take a look at how we can map each of the different field types in Sitecore, from the simple such Single Line Text to the more complex such as TreeList Ex, Attachment and Droplists. We also compare the different services in Glass.Mapper.Sc to understand when each service should be used and how they relate to the Sitecore page request and databases.


Glass allows you to configure your models in multiple different ways: convention, attribute and fluent. This module takes a look at each of these different configuration options and when you might want to use them. It will show you how you can map data to compiled third party classes that you haven't written yourself. We also discuss the different settings that are available when using adding configuration to your models and the importance of knowing when your configuration will load.

Working with Web Forms

This module explains how to use Glass.Mapper with an ASP.NET Web Forms solutions. We take a look at the different controls that are supplied by Glass.Mapper out of the box as well as how you can manually create all the tools you need. We also show how you can access the different items that are relevant to the current page, for example the Context Item vs the Data Source item.

Working with MVC

MVC is everywhere and in this module we will show you how easy it is to work with Sitecore, MVC and Glass. After completing this module you will be able to use Glass.Mapper.Sc with Sitecore view renderings and controllers and have an understanding of how Glass injects these models. We will also demonstrate how you can use data binding with your Glass models to easily create and save Sitecore items and using IOC to inject services into your controllers.

Page Editor

The Page Editor is key to any Sitecore solution and to the Content Editors overall experience of the platform. Glass doesn't limit your ability to the use the Page Editor and adds many great features that will make it easier to work with. In this module we explore how Glass supports the page editor, how you can generate strongly type models of your rendering parameters and make us of edit frames.

Looking at the Service

This module takes a look at the services used by Glass.Mapper.Sc to communicate with Sitecore and explains the different methods that are available and why and when you will want to use them. It will show you how you can create and save Sitecore items as well as how to access specific versions and languages of items. We also discuss what is meant by inferred types and how they are useful.


You will learn how you can extend Glass.Mapper.Sc to meet your business requirements and your Sitecore implementations needs. You will learn how to create custom data mappers that convert data from a value in Sitecore to a strongly typed value on your model. We will show you the different pipelines that Glass.Mapper.Sc uses to map, build and save models as well as how to create your own custom configuration to give you complete control over your models. This module allows you to dive deep under the covers of Glass.Mapper.Sc.


Testing is a critical part of any Sitecore solution and having the right tools and knowledge is essential to providing a robust solution. Glass.Mapper.Sc makes testing Sitecore solutions very simple and easy to achieve. In this module we will show you how you can do this and discuss some of the common problems, solutions and techniques you will want to use.


The course finishes with a multiple choice test based on the information that you have learnt during the last two days. The test is made up of 20 randomly chosen questions and if you pass you will be award with a certificate for completing and passing the Glass.Mapper.Sc training course.

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The course outline is designed to provide a guide to what you can expect as part of your Glass training. Individual courses may vary from the information supplied above and we reserve the right to change the contents of the course at any time without notice.