Where to get information and support from the Glass Community

Community Support 

If you are having problems with Glass.Mapper and need support then the Glass community is your best place to start.

If you need help solving a problem then post a message to the Glass Community on using the following channels:

 If you have a bug or feature request you should log it on the Glass.Mapper GitHub along with any feature requests. We also love to receive pull requests with bug fixes and new features. 

 Glass.Mapper is an open source project and the time given to fix and improve the framework is given by contributors and coordinators for free when they have time. This means that we cannot guarantee when a bug fix or enhancement will be implemented.

If you need an urgent bug fix, enhancement or support then we can provide paid for Consultancy to address you issues immediately.


Community Contributions

This sections contains links to videos and blog posts that have been created by the awesome and very active Glass community. 

In this area you will find videos, blog posts, slides and much much more.

Please let us know if you have created some content about Glass.Mapper and you would like us to feature it on this site!

Community Videos

Community Blogs