Sitecore 8.1 Langugage Fallback

  • 11 Nov 15

Language Fallback has always been a little tricky when using Glass.Mapper.Sc because it was necessary to use the VersionCountDisabler class. This was required because Glass.Mapper checks the number of version of an item in the requested language and returns null if there are no versions. The VersionCountDisabled stops this check from happening and returns a model using the empty Item that Sitecore returns allowing you to map shared fields to the model.

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Performing a Sitecore Upgrade

  • 10 Nov 15

Much has been said about upgrading Sitecore solutions with the two main approaches being:

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New Glass Logos!!

  • 06 Nov 15

We have released today the new Glass logo which comes in 4 exciting colours:

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Custom Sitecore DataViews

  • 16 Jul 15

If you have ever used Sitecore buckets you have probably wondered how it hides items in buckets from the Content Tree. In this blog post I will show you how you can make a similar feature in your solution.

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V4 All The Things

V4 Released

  • 01 May 15

Today is a very big day in the history of Glass.Mapper.Sc with the release of V4! This is the biggest change to Glass.Mapper.Sc in the last 2 years and sees many great new features being added to the framework:

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Glass.Mapper.Sc V4 Coming Soon!

  • 24 Apr 15

Glass.Mapper.Sc V3 has been around for nearly 2 years now and we have had over 26,000 downloads from Nuget which is amazing! We are now looking forward to the future and we wanted to give you an overview of the major changes that will come in V4. The new features were demonstrated at the Sitecore Users Virtual Group which you can watch below, more details about each feature can also be found further down the page.

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Getting child items

  • 13 Apr 15

Glass.Mapper.Sc offers many different ways to get children and ways to filter those children, in this blog post we explore a few of these solutions.

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Image Parameters In Glass.Mapper.Sc

  • 25 Mar 15


The html that is rendered will be:
<img src="/~/media/Images/38175_442041638932_1646261_n.ashx?h=225&w=300">

If however the developer decides to define a w parameter (see Sitecore Image Parameters) Glass will ignore the settings set by the content editor, e.g.:

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Getting Sitecore Ancestors

  • 16 Mar 15

We have several options when it comes to finding the ancestors of the current item:

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Template Models vs Rendering Models

  • 01 Jan 15

public partial interface IPageTitles : IGlassBase { bool DisplayInMenu {get; set;} bool Dropdown {get; set;} string Icon {get; set;} string LongTitle {get; set;} string ShortTitle {get; set;} string StrapLine {get; set;} } This makes it very easy to find the model you want to use because you just have to look at the name of the template and then find the matching class.

One issue to overcome is the multiple inheritance of templates. This is easily solved by making use of interfaces as we have done above. A model of a sub-template can easily inherit the interfaces of the super-templates. For example if I have a content page that inherits my IPageTitles template and a IMetadata template then my Content interface can inherit both:

public interfacet Content : IPageTitles, IMetadata{

Template Models are easy for new developers to understand and it is easy to trace where the data is coming from however it does have certain limitations:

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