Working with Helix

  • 10 Oct 18

In this blog post I am going to look you can work with Glass.Mapper.Sc in a Helix styled solution, specifically I will look at how to load configuration in a Helix solution

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Version 5 of Glass.Mapper.Sc has arrived

  • 03 Jul 18

In has taken a lot of hard work and several months to complete Version 5 of Glass.Mapper.Sc but finally last night I was able to push the release to!

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V5 Is Coming

  • 12 Jun 18

The last year has been pretty quiet with Glass.Mapper.Sc, we have been mostly supporting users via Slack and Consultancy. I have also been working on another project that took up a lot of my spare time. 

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Killing The Publish

  • 30 Mar 17

A problem that often occurs on Sitecore solutions is the accidental large publish. A user mistakenly selects a top level Sitecore item, checks Sub-items and Related Items and then clicks  publish.

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Compiled Sitecore Views

  • 03 Feb 17

Kam had written an interesting blog post on how to Precompiled view support has been added to Sitecore 8.2 ( I wanted to implement this on 8.1 U3.

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Release 4.3

  • 08 Dec 16

This blog post gives you early information on Release 4.3 of Glass.Mapper.Sc! Check out the new features and let us know what you think.

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  • 23 Aug 16

The latest release of Glass.Mapper.Sc is designed to make it easier for developers to customise and also contribute to the project.

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Enabling and using the Publish:Complete:Remote event

  • 28 Jul 16

A quick browse through the Sitecore config finds the following publish events:

<event name="publish:complete">
<event name="publish:complete:remote">

You may notice that by default Sitecore does most of it's events processing in the publish:end event. However there are a few problems with the publish:end event, firstly it isn't called for every language that is published and it isn't possible to easily get a list of all the languages that were published.

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Handling Spaces In Field Names

  • 15 Mar 16

Yesterday on Slack the question of how to handle fields that contain a space came up on Slack. In this post we will look at the different ways we can handle this scenario.

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The Curse of GlassCast

  • 01 Feb 16

.NET introduced the ability to create extension methods on existing classes. This feature allows us to easily add our own methods to exist classes without the need to create a sub-type.

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