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Learn how to get started with Glass.Mapper.Sc V5 in just a few minutes.

Glass.Mapper Features

Make your code unit testable

Use your own models and Glass interfaced services to make your solutions more testable and resilient.

Map to native .Net types

Map directly to and from standard .Net types such as string, int and float, IEnumerable and your own types!

Large Community

Glass.Mapper has a large community of enthusiastic developers who contribute ideas and support each other.

Customise using Pipelines

Use Pipelines to customise how Glass.Mapper maps your data to your models. Giving you full flexibility in your solution.

Supports an amazing CMS

Glass.Mapper is designed and optimised for Sitecore, helping you deliver bigger and better solutions.

Use Plain Old C# Objects

Keep your models simple, clean and easy to read by making use of Plain Old C# objects.

Code Gen or No Code Gen

Generate your models automatically using tools like TDS or write them by hand because they are so simple.

Mature Project

Glass.Mapper is a mature project that has been developed over the last 4 years and is now packed with many great features.

Tested to ensure Quality

Glass.Mapper has over 750 unit tests to ensure the quality and stability of the solution.

Fully featured ORM

A fully featured ORM that allows you to read and write data to your preferred CMS.

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Glass.Mapper is the only ORM you will need to improve your Sitecore development. It only takes a few minutes to setup and then you are ready to start using classes and interfaces in your project.